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The Legitimization of Violence by David Apter

By David Apter

Violence is a an increasing number of ubiquitous phenomenon. whereas loads of recognition has been paid to yes facets, terrorism for instance, it has now not been studied as a political phenomenon in and of itself. within the Legitimization of Violence 8 recognized experts discover a number of varieties of violence, from ideological to fundamentalist pursuits, inside a framework of comparative theory.

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Cit. Or, as Gellner puts it, commenting on Descartes: "We speak, therefore the daemon exists. Our power of speech and the recognition of meanings, hence of thought, depends on principles and structures not generally accessible to us. " See Ernest Gellner, Legitimation of Belief(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1974) p. 16. Plato in the Republic treated discourse as the ultimate expression of sociability, the foundation of the city, which depends on the ordering characteristics of discourse as a logical vehicle for the derivation of truth and justice.

54 But if the structural contradictions suggested above are likely to worsen rather than improve, then democracy will itself become vulnerable, and to both increasing political violence and simplistic and unworkable solutions. These are circumstances under which political violence becomes endemic. Indeed, the wave of revolutionary, terrorist and extra-institutional protest movements which occurred in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and virtually throughout Latin America in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s were mainly a result of the kinds of conditions described here.

53. 54. The Legitimization of Violence South Africa, the Homestead Strike for the American labour movement, the 4 May 1919 movement in China, etc. These kinds of events are virtually endless, and include innumerable "black Thursdays" or "bloody Sundays". In short, commemorative events are located which do not stand alone, however, but which are retrieved from an anti-history to take their place as history itself and as acts which are re-enacted in subsequent events. : Princeton University Press, 1986).

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