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Anti-Capitalism: A Guide to the Movement (Revolutionary by George Monbiot

By George Monbiot

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2006). As reviewed above, alpha oscillatory activity is associated with attention, which is impaired in schizophrenia. Investigation of evoked and induced alpha oscillations in schizophrenia revealed reduced alpha power and impaired ability to synchronize the phase of ongoing alpha activity. Greater trial-by-trial variability may be due the interference of ongoing background brain activity with the recruitment of neural systems which is indispensable for the processing of sensory information.

2009a). , 2008a). , 2001). , 2001). These subsets of inhibitory GABAergic interneurons, located in hippocampal and cortical areas, are proposed to play a primary role in the generation of the gamma oscillations (Uhlhaas and Singer, 2010). Frequency range Primary generators Function Alpha (8-12 Hz) Thalamus, hippocampus, cortical regions Theta (4-7 Hz) Cortico-hippocampal circuits Beta (13-10 Hz) Overall cortical structures Gamma (30-200 Hz) Hippocampal and cortical Inhibition, attention, consciousness Perceptual processing, learning, memory, synaptic plasticity sensory gating, attention, and long-term synchronization Perception, selective attention, consciousness, encoding and retrieval of memory traces Table 1.

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