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Animals in War by Jilly Cooper

By Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper has written a tribute to the function of animals in wartime. From the pigeons wearing very important messages to and from the beleaguered urban throughout the Seige of Paris to canines sniffing out mines for the British invasion strength in international conflict II. A vibrant checklist of man's inhumanity to animals, and an brilliant tale of braveness.

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That horse was grand in its decay for it beggared description. A skeleton covered with an old hide, no mane, no tail; a pair of deep-set glaring, ghastly, and almost ferocious eyes, and lips shrunk away from the long, bare, and hungry teeth. You could not tell the colour of the animal; his coat of hair was covered with a thick coat of mud, which was baked on him, and fitted him tight, like a slush-coloured leather jerkin, and there he stood, shivering in the sun, and up to his knees in mire, tied to what had once been a shrub, but was now a bundle of dry, withered, leafless, branchless sticks, rooted to the ground; and these sticks the animal eyed with a hungry glare, and every now and then took a bite of them.

An Exmoor or New Forest pony can survive outside in winter because he keeps moving and grows a thick shaggy coat for protection. The delicate army horses, used to living in stables, were not only tied up, but also, because the army believed long coats led to mange, clipped out as well. Imagine these hapless beasts, wind and driving rain needling their nonexistent coats, standing hock deep in mud. In vain a horse picked one foot out of the mud: the other would sink in just as far, to be pulled out in its turn, a moment later.

L. ’ The overjoyed Hewletts replied: To our good Lord Kitchener, You are indeed kind to allow us to keep our dear old Betty.  . Always and ever your grateful British servants. Other owners were not so lucky, but shored themselves up with the belief that war would be over soon – as is shown by this poem from an RSPCA anthology, sold to raise money for wounded horses: We didn’t know much about it. We thought they’d all come back But off they all were taken White and Brown and Black; Cart and Cab and Carriage, Wagon and Break and Dray, Went out at the call of duty.

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