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An Atheist Manifesto by Sam Harris

By Sam Harris

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It's Your Time You're Wasting: A Teacher's Tales of Classroom Hell

Frank Chalk is a regular instructor in a typical British college. .. a college the place the youngsters get under the influence of alcohol, beat up the academics and take medicines - once they will be afflicted to show up. it is your Time you are losing is the blackly funny diary of a yr in his operating lifestyles. Chalk confiscates porn, booze and errant running shoes, fends off offended mom and dad and concerns concerning the conscientious students whose lives and futures are being systematically wrecked, recording his reviews in a humorous and readable ebook.

Mountain Charley; Or, the Adventures of Mrs. E.J. Guerin, Who Was Thirteen Years in Male Attire (Western Frontier Library)

Exchange Paperback. Biography. known as "the skirt who wore men's outfits, " Mountain Charley was once part of the wild West within the mid-nineteenth century. Married at twelve, widowed at fifteen, she donned male garments with a view to make a good living---as riverboatman, railroad brakeman, miner, rancher, Indian dealer, businessman, and bartender---and to trace down her husband's assassin.

The Genius of Euler: Reflections on his Life and Work

This e-book celebrates the three hundredth birthday of Leonhard Euler (1707 1783), one of many brightest stars within the mathematical firmament. The ebook stands as a testimonial to a mathematician of unsurpassed perception, undefined, and ingenuity one that has been rightly referred to as the grasp folks all. The accumulated articles, aimed toward a mathematically literate viewers, deal with features of Euler s existence and paintings, from the biographical to the old to the mathematical.

About the Holy Bible

The phrases 'blasphemy', 'evil' and 'pagan' have been hurled at Robert Ingersoll via the equipped Christian Church from the instant he made his first announcement from the pulpit. And, despite their unanimous rejection, his phrases survive via this day. As proven during this textual content his prose was once terse, biting, slicing and a bit of smug for he felt it was once his goal to convey the sacred scriptures into the glare of a extra sensible realm.

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His policies were therefore designed to ensure that France could sustain her forces in war until victorious. The problem was that there appeared to be no means of maintaining the country’s economic buoyancy in the wake of such costly enterprises. Before the end of Louis’s reign the establishment of the Bank of England (1694) provided the king’s enemies with a solution. The Rise of the Phélypeaux However, such a sophisticated financial mechanism could not be readily adapted to France’s political structure.

There had been acts of gratuitous violence too, which underlined the arrogance and ruthlessness of French conduct: the scorched earth policy during the Dutch War and the destruction by naval barrage of the free city of Genoa (1684) for having the effrontery to assist Spain. Louis subsequently refused to make peace with the city until its civic leaders had visited Versailles to demonstrate their abject submission before the Sunking. Louis himself must bear the responsibility for such actions, though he was following the promptings of his secretaries of state for war and the navy, Louvois and Colbert’s son, the Marquis de 40 FOREIGN POLICY Seignelay, who succeeded his father in 1683.

Already during the War of Devolution mediation by a Triple Alliance, consisting of the Dutch Republic, England and Sweden, had helped to persuade Louis to embrace a policy of moderation. He totally abandoned that policy during the Dutch War. In 1672 the French armies crossed the Rhine via the imperial bishopric of Liège and entered the Dutch Republic. They carried all before them and the Dutch States-General promptly sued for peace. Louis’s terms amounted to a demand for unconditional LOUIS XIV 37 surrender, and the opportunity for peace passed.

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