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All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin by Mikhail Zygar

By Mikhail Zygar

"I learn this publication in a single evening, really a page-turner. It leaves a profoundly frightening effect: [Putin's court docket is the] actual House of Cards." --Lev Lurie, author and historian

All the Kremlin's Men is a gripping narrative of an unintentional king and a courtroom uncontrolled. in accordance with an extraordinary sequence of interviews with Vladimir Putin's internal circle, this ebook offers a considerably varied view of strength and politics in Russia. a twin of Putin as a strongman is dissolved. as an alternative is a weary figurehead buffeted--if now not controlled--by the boys who instantaneously propose and misinform him.

The nearby governors and bureaucratic leaders are immovable items, way more strong of their fiefdoms than the president himself. So are the gatekeepers-those officers who shield the pathways to power-on whom Putin relies up to they depend on him. The tenuous edifice is stuffed with the entire intrigue and plotting of a Medici court docket, as enemies of the country are invented and wars started to justify own profits, inner rivalries, or one faction's biased advantage.

A bestseller in Russia, All the Kremlin's Men is a stunning revisionist portrait of the Putin period and a stunning reconstruction of the machinations of courtiers working riot.

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Medvedchuk, Viktor. Ukrainian politician; chairman of the pro-Russian political organization Ukrainian Choice, which speaks against Ukraine joining the European Union; daughter Darina is Vladimir Putin’s godchild. Medvedev, Dmitry. Prime minister of Russia; handpicked as Putin’s successor as president of Russia, 2008–2012. Miller, Alexei. CEO of Gazprom; longtime colleague of Vladimir Putin. Mironov, Sergei. Russian politician; leader of A Just Russia faction in the Parliament of Russia; chairman of the Federation Council (the upper chamber of the Russian parliament), 2001–2011; puppet quasi-opposition candidate in the 2004 and 2012 presidential elections; sanctioned because of his involvement in the 2014 Crimean crisis.

Kovalchuk, Yuri. Vladimir Putin’s “personal banker”; largest shareholder of Rossiya Bank; one of the founders of National Media Group; owns stakes in six federal TV channels; sanctioned by the United States. Kuchma, Leonid. Ukrainian prime minister, 1992–1993; second president of independent Ukraine, 1994–2005; presidency was surrounded by numerous corruption scandals and the lessening of media freedoms; strong ally of Vladimir Putin; selected Viktor Yanukovych as his successor but surrendered to Orange Revolution in 2004.

They hung out with each other, drinking and going to the steam baths, and their children grew up together. However, while Pugachev did not gain political leverage from his association with the president, he still ostensibly acted on Putin’s behalf to cut business deals. Perhaps it was this overexploitation of his friendship with Putin that would play a fateful role in the life of the banker ten years down the line. THE FIRST FRIEND On March 11, 2000, the Mariinsky Theater staged an event that was a premiere in more than one sense.

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