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Alexius Meinong: On Objects of Higher Order and Husserl’s by Marie-Luise Kalsi Schubert

By Marie-Luise Kalsi Schubert

16. the overall subject material of Husserl's Phenomenology forty five 17. basic Thesis and Epoche forty six 18. Doubt forty seven 19. Hyle and Noema forty eight forty nine BIBLIOGRAPHY TRANSLATION OF SELECI'ED TEXTS stated within the FOOTNOTES fifty one advent part I PREFACE Meinong used to be one of many nice philosophers who stand initially of Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology. He was once a latest of Husserl, Frege, Mach, and Russell who have been both initially or physicists, other than Meinong. Meinong was once a historian mathematicians and regularly a thinker who grew to become more and more attracted to experi­ psychological psychology, lower than the impression of Franz Brentano. He, as every one of his contemporaries, built his personal philosophy. It grew, in a profound style, right into a very wealthy realism which was once, interestingly enoug- in accordance with a staunch empirical angle. Of these kind of philosophers, Meinong and Husserl have been so much heavily linked: either one of them have been scholars of Brentano and dealt, each one. together with his personal philosophical instruments, with an analogous subject material, shows and their gadgets. Meinong involved himself, briefly serious notes, with Husserl's phenomenology, that's, the 1st quantity of rules . . . which was once trans­ 1 lated via W. R. Boyce Gibson. The final portion of this advent should be dedicated to Meinong's feedback of Husserl. it really is performed within the final part simply because a few of Meinong's conception is presupposed for the knowledge of his critique of Husserl.

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This vol. 162. This vol. 205[59]. Compo Ann. II chp. 8. This vol. 162. 30 INTRODUCTION was no letter for me in today's mail, I never doubt for a second that the negative judgment concerns the mail and not the ringing bells. Though Meinong only mentioned ideal objects of higher order when he discussed the internal perceptibility of objects of higher order I think we are safe in generalizing from there over all objects of higher order. Thus, I venture to say, supported by my interpretation of Meinong on p.

Abh. II ("Hume-Studien II") 154 -157, 520, Ann. II 77, 193, Vb. Moglichk. u. Wahrschlkt. (comp. footnote 7) of Chapter 14 above, compo "Ub. d. Stellung d. Gegenstandstheorie ... ", Ges. Ausg. V. 7 Em. Pres. Chapter 13 p. 149f, this vol. 152f, Meinong on Husserl 216, 234f, 239. 8 See chapter on Objects of Higher Order and their knowledge, this vol. above 24 fl. Meinong on Husserl 235. Em. Pres. chapters 11, 12, 13 and LXIV fl. 9 Meinong on Husserl 212, 234 f. 3 4 44 INTRODUCTION apriori which is not relevant to actually existing psychic experiences is pointless.

138, "Erfahrungsgrundlagen", Ges. Ausg. V 467, Meinong on Husserl 226: it is thinkable that, behind the intuitive (anschaulich) world there is not a physical world, may hold for "logical possibility" but not for empirical possibility. 12 13 Meinong on Husserl 230. Compo Meinong on Husserl 229, with chapter 8 this vol. above on internal perception and pseudo-objects. , Ann. II, 236 f n. 4. 4 Ges. Abh. II 180 f, ("Hume-Studien II"), Meinong on Husserl, 234, Ges. Abh. I 135, 181. 5 Meinong on Husserl 230, 211 f.

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