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AJS Review: Vol. XXI, No. 2, 1996 by Nelson, M

By Nelson, M

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47-67. 64. Rae Langton,"SpeechActs and UnspeakableActs,"Philosophy& PublicAffairs22 (1993):313. 65. 99-134. See alsoAmyRichlin, pp. 158-179. "ReadingOvid'sRapes,"in PornographyandRepresentation, 66. 23. 67. 605f4-10. " and the Silencingof Anita Hill," 68. See Amy Richlin, "RomanOratory,Pornography, SouthernCaliforniaLawReview65 (1992): 1321-32. Whatexactly were these texts doing? Scholarshavelongnotedthatlanguageandpoliticsareinseparable. Severalscholarshave arguedthat 69. Pornographyand Representation, p.

134-166. 80. Cf. Satlow,TestingtheDish, pp. 317-20. TEXTSOFTERROR 297 texts succeeded,they did so in only a very small circle. Rabbinicliterature itself hintsat disapproved,butreal,femalesexualfreedom,as well as female social cliques in which,presumably,femalescould act as free subjects. Austin'sinsightis thatthatnext step, askingaboutthe illocutionaryforce of a text, is a necessaryone. Reinforcementand reproductionof genderrelationshipswas one, but merelyone, of the social functionsplayedby these rabbinictexts.

Jerusalem: greatlyabbreviated, Central,1939),vol. 9 (Qiddushin),pp. 30-35, nos. 78-88. Onthis responsum,also see Ya'aqob Blidstein,"Ma'amadanha-ishi shel nashimshebuyotu-meshumadotbe-halakahshel yemey ha-beynayim,"Shanatonha-mishpatha-'ibri 3-4 (1976-77): 56-57, who in additioncites a similarruling of Naturnaiwith respectto a husbandinheritinghis apostatewife (Ozar ha-ge'onim,vol. 8 [Ketubbot],p. 356, no. 790). OdedIr-Shai,"Mumarke-yoreshbe-teshubot haShanaton shel ha-nokri," ba-mishpat ha-ge'onim-yesodotehah pesiqahu-maqabbiloteyha mishpatha-'ibri 11-12 (1984-86): 438-455, discussesthe possible social-economicbasis of Naturnai'sposition,his successors'views, andtheircritics.

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