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Abortion and Social Responsibility: Depolarizing the Debate by Laurie Shrage

By Laurie Shrage

Shrage argues that Roe v Wade's regulatory scheme of a six-month time span for abortion on call for polarized the general public and obscured possible choices with very likely broader aid. She explores the origins of that scheme, then defends an alternative one--with a time span shorter than 6 months for non-therapeutic abortions--that may perhaps win extensive aid had to make felony abortion providers to be had to all ladies.

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Wade. The Court would have done far better to proceed slowly and incrementally, and on grounds that could have gathered wider social agreement and thus fractured society much less severely. The Court might have ruled that abortions could not be prohibited in cases of rape or incest, or that the law at issue in Roe was invalid even if some abortion restrictions might be acceptable. 69 Blackmun's initial scheme, compared to his revised scheme, would have provided more room for democratically elected state legislators to find creative solutions acceptable to larger constituencies.

Newman assumes "that the state interest in protecting the life of a fetus capable of living outside the uterus could be shown to be more generally accepted and, therefore, of more weight in the constitutional sense than the interest in preventing the abortion of a fetus that is not viable,"57 but the reactions to Roe show that this assumption is not generally accepted. Nancy Rhoden explains why the state's interest in protecting the life of a viable fetus is greater than the nonviable fetus, and why the state's interest can only be advanced by proscribing elective abortions, rather than particular abortion methods, at this stage.

Rhoden points out that the prospect of a live birth occurs only at viability and not before, and live births following an "abortion" raise difficult medical and moral issues for physicians and for society. For although others may care for and sustain the life of a fetus after viability, the health of an infant whose birth is induced prematurely, when there is no medical need to do so, may be significantly compromised. 59 Consequently, statutes permitting nontherapeutic, induced premature deliveries after viability, as Gert's proposes, would result in the birth of damaged infants, even with current standards of neonatal care.

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