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A Zen approach to bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to by William S. Leigh

By William S. Leigh

Publication by means of Leigh, William

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He loved to have peo- pie around him tell him how great his work was. It seemed that he always had to be at the center of the stage. I never figured out whether he really had a terrible temper or if he just liked to be dra­ matic. When someone attacked or even questioned his work, he went wild. He drowned out his opposition with his hollering. He thought that someday he would be a great actor. His physical presence was immense. He made it a habit of sizing up men as opponents and women as companions.

There was a feeling of serenity and oneness. I could not discover where my hands stopped and where her body began. I became more and more lost in an all-encompassing oneness. Then I completely went away. Nothing existed. I was suddenly brought back by a knocking on my office door. I got up, walked to the door, opened it, embraced the woman who was standing there, and kissed her softly and warmly on the mouth. I told her I would be finished in a few minutes and asked her to wait in the waiting room.

I asked where I fit into Rolfing. They said I had been married to Ida in seven different lifetimes. Though we loved each other, we never did get along and this life­ time would be no different. We would share much, but our work and lives would go in different directions. Later that year Ida and I were in an est seminar together. During a break, she poked her finger in my midsection for emphasis and said, "I want you to be in my advanced Rolfing class this summer. " But Moshe Feldenkrais was start­ ing his first American training that summer, and I was one of three people who had sent him the plane fare to come to the United States.

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