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A Theological Study of Old-Babylonian Personal Names, Volume by Alpin Wendell Bowes

By Alpin Wendell Bowes

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G. Sin-bel-ili, "Sin is the lord of the gods"). The inforMation we have Just described is listed in Table 1 which follows. The number of times each appears at each city is giv~n element. e~ent in parentheses at the end of the Totals are given at'~lhe end of each category to facilitate the comparison of cities. However, no totals are ~ given for the entire. corpus of PMs since some nemes are listed. in mo~e than one cate~ory. ~. ~ >~Tables 2 and 3 arrange the informati~n from T~ble 1 in~' a'form which can be used for compariaQn.

E, although found on a .. ay not reflect the religious beliefs of Ur. ed Thus, it JIlay be more proper . text.... o£ .. certain . t h t . - -~ ~ th"n the loeat,ion 1t.. ~ . : el~'. exts'. ' ~sed. ':I~t, , ~ .. her tablets, but SOil. JIlay b••n. Th. ple o£ ~he problea raised by school texts. ply to repeat the saae standardized epithets with each maJor god or theophoric set~f ~l~ment. f,rom. the fact that I -v /- . the epithet bast! occurs ten times at ~ippur,~ twice at Sippar, since all of the Kippur school texts.

Eparating Akkadian n•••• £roa Suae~i~n ·;.. "i.. ,.. e. rather difficult.. Wi~t lea~t all naaea spelled in,Ak As a general principl;,;",,,,,t.. one element which is syllabically dian have been included. Thus r JRahy "aixed" naae. ent have been retained. ct that there aay' be no syllabic spelling in Akkadian. n included r but~not , d "d' LU- NANNA or,GEIE- GU-LA: , , type are ~ ~ PUNU. an4 ZALAG. O~her ideogram. o£ this Soa. ideograa. sent either an ,Akkadian or Suaerian god,,! g. LV-dIl r " cEN-ZU ·' '" d kUr and LU-,UTU.

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