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A Handbook of English Grammar by Reinard Willem Zandvoort

By Reinard Willem Zandvoort

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In the latter case the gerund is usually preceded by the stem 1 In Your house wants painting, your house is the grammatical subject of wants, but the logical object of painting, because the house undergoes the action of painting. GERUND AND PRESENT PARTICIPLE 31 of a noun or indefinite pronoun, or by a possessive pronoun. ) The equivalent in other languages is usually a clause. I a. b. a. b. a. b. He was accustomed to eating a big breakfast. We were accustomed to uncle (Jack, his) eating a big breakfast.

With inf. like I don't want him to smoke, in which the accusative can only be interpreted as the subject of the following infinitive. 2 Care should be taken not to mistake an instance of type b for one of type a. Thus, when Skeat, in a note to Piers Plowman, Passus III, 174, writes: It is a mark of respect for Meed to address the king in the plural number, the respect is meant for the king, not for the Lady Meed; the break comes after respect, not after Meed. v. for. there is no such break after to want and the other verbs of 41.

As in the examples of 81b, spoken English usually prefers a subordinate clause. Arriving ( ,= when he arrived) at the station, he found his train gone. Not knowing ( =As she did not know) what to do, she applied to me for advice. She wrote him a friendly letter, thanking him for his help, and sending him her best wishes. ) A present participle in a free adjunct may be preceded by a conjunction; While reading I fell asleep. 83. A present participle group in a free adjunct may be practically equivalent to a co-ordinate clause.

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