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A Forgotten Sector. The Training of Ancillary Staff in by Duncan N. Smith

By Duncan N. Smith

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And 4 3 67 2 22 8 17 7 2 (4) (61) (14) (7) (17) (2) (2) 12 20 44 6 11 14 1 23 8 6 12 1 1 1 1 17 1 2 135 44 Figures in brackets indicate number given day release. 3 4 26 44 15 20 25 432 264 71 15 13 41 Apprentice cooks Trainee cooks Kitchen or diningroom maids Porters 1 Catering head chefs Head/Asst. head cooks and sectional chefs Cooks and asst. cooks 822 42 A Forgotten Sector is scanty, but of the 6 Groups visited in this study only 46 out of the 259 full-time cooks were in receipt of a n allowance.

T h e best method of encouraging supervisory training. 6. Whether to assist in (3) a n d (4) above some catering " t u t o r s " should be appointed as a n experiment. 7. Whether selected ex-apprentices or ex-trainees should b e encouraged to take courses which would make them eligible for posts as catering officers. 8. W h a t steps should be taken to develop training in small hospitals. 9. T h e relationship of the catering staff to the hospital as a whole. CHAPTER 5 DINING ROOMS I N ENGLAND AND W A L E S there were, i n 1 9 6 6 , 7 6 7 9 whole-time a n d 3 9 9 6 part-time staff in hospital dining rooms.

45 a n d 49 might help a n d other approaches have been explored by the Hospital Internal Communications Project. M u c h , too, might be gained if, after consultation at appropriate levels, objectives for the kitchens were set a n d fully discussed with the staff. O n e fruit of such discussions might be to identify the real jobs of the supervisors a n d to give them goals to aim at. Clearly there are n o short cuts in this field, b u t this is n o reason for overlooking it, a n d the economic stakes are large.

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