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22 Not a new life style: For those who thirst of humanity by Ahlulbayt ltd

By Ahlulbayt ltd

Martyr Dr.Mostafa Chamran Savehe lifestyle.

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Then the doctor embraced him and kissed him several times. He became ashamed a lot and noticed that either someone did not go ahead or if somebody did go ahead, he would go to his arms directly. For those who thirst for humanity 53 A tortoise arrived with a pot full of clips (magazine) on time. I knew that the doctor did so. I did not know how he had made it understand how to come to me. Not a new lifestyle 54 We wanted to drive him back to the rear because he had been shot and wounded so seriously that his face was white.

Not a new lifestyle 48 He had brought a person to the headquarters that did not equal us in his beliefs or deeds. Every time that an idea was put forward, he criticized it. ” For those who thirst for humanity 49 E “ veryone who does me a bad turn makes me conscious. Everyone who criticizes me teaches me the way of life. Everyone who snubs me teaches me patience. Everyone who does me a good turn teaches me kindness and loyalty. ” Not a new lifestyle 50 He liked Abdollahi very much. I did not know how to inform him of his martyrdom.

For those who thirst for humanity 43 After he had exiled himself for twenty three years, he then returned to his home, Iran. He was full of enthusiasm, and within just a few days, he was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister! Not a new lifestyle 44 When he was the Deputy Prime Minister, I just knew him. I stood in awe of him. One day I went to his home and I saw him wearing an apron and washing the dishes. I was with my little girl. After washing the dishes, he came in wearing his apron and played with my daughter.

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