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1001 Arabian Nights - Supplemental Nights - Volume 11 by Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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On this wise, O king" (continued the young treasurer), "he with whom Allah is and whose intent is pure, meeteth naught save good. " The Seventh Day. Of Clemency. When it was the seventh day, the seventh Wazir, whose name was Bihkamál,[FN#205] came in to the king and prostrating himself to him, said, "O king, what doth thy long-suffering with this youth profit thee? Indeed the folk talk of thee and of him. " The Minister's words aroused the anger of the king, and he bade bring the youth. So they fetched him before him in fetters and Azadbakht said to him, "Ho, woe to thee!

I too, O Bakhtzaman, whilome believed that victory was in the number of men,[FN#204] and an enemy came out against me with eight hundred head, whilst I had eight hundred thousand. I trusted in the tale of my troops, whilst my foe trusted in Allah, so he defeated me and routed me and I was put to a shameful flight and hid myself in one of the mountains, where I met with a Religious who had withdrawn himself from the world. So I joined myself to him and complained to him of my case and acquainted him with all that had befallen me.

Then he took his daughter by force and returning to his dwelling-place, went in to her and married her. Arwa resigned herself with patience to that which betided her and committed her case to Allah Almighty; and indeed she was used to serve Him night and day with a goodly service in the house of King Dadbin her husband. " She sent back to him and replied, "O Wazir, thou art in the place of faith and confidence, so do not thou betray thy trust, but make thine inward life like unto thine outward[FN#191] and occupy thyself with thy wife and that which is lawful to thee.

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